This past Christmas (about ten months ago, a time that feels like it could be six weeks ago), my brother gave me a copy of Room to Dream, the David Lynch (auto)biography written by himself and Kristine McKenna. The book, of which I am admittedly still making my way through the lengthy 550 pages (plus the nearly 25-page index), focuses primarily on Lynch’s devotion to “The Art Life,” growing up in rural America and discovering his place in the world. The story was also explored in the 2017 documentary about Lynch’s artwork and overall philosophy on life. At the time…

I began writing this essay about cinema in the wake of the pandemic a few weeks ago. Since then, the world flipped on its axis with yet another tragedy and civil unrest. In light of a revolution long overdue, the personal writings of a privileged Chicagoan seemed trivial in comparison. I hope, however, that these musings still resonate in both the context of that movement as well as the recovery during a global pandemic. …

Curtis Matzke

Curtis is an independent filmmaker and writer in Chicago, IL.

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